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US Certified FCC

2021-04-07 19:05:19
US Certified FCC

Introduction to FCC Certification

The FCC is the Federal Communications For short, FCC certification is mandatory for electronic products entering the US market.It covers more than 50 states, Colombia and all parts of the United States.

FCC certification is a mandatory EMC certification in the United States. It is mainly aimed at the FCC certification of 9KHz-3000GHz electronic appliances. jpg, which covers radio, communication and other aspects, especially radio interference problems of wireless communication equipment and systems, including radio interference limits and measurement methods, and certification system and organization management system.Products regulated by the FCC, such as PCs, CD players, photocopiers, radios, fax machines, video games, electronic toys, televisions and microwave ovens.These products are classified into CLASS A and CLASS B by use. Category A is for commercial or industrial use and Category B is for household use. FCC requires more stringent regulations on Category B products with lower limits and Category A. For most electronic and electrical products, the main standards are FCC Part 15 and FCC Part 18.

2. Form of FCC certification:

The FCC has three certification modes for different products: Verification Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Certification.Different certification modes require FCC acceptance by test laboratories and different application, test and declaration requirements.

1. Verification: i.e. self-validation, where the manufacturer or importer ensures that the product has undergone the necessary tests to verify that it meets the relevant technical standards and retains the test reports. Test laboratory FCC LISTEE, all approved sites are posted on the official website.The FCC has the right to require the manufacturer to submit test data for equipment samples or products.Devices for self-validation include commercial computers, TV and FM receivers, and industrial, scientific, and medical devices used by non-mass consumers of FCC Rule Part 18.


2. Declaration of Conformity (DoC): A declaration of conformity whereby the party responsible for the equipment (generally the manufacturer or importer) tests the product at a qualified testing facility designated by the FCC to ensure that the equipment meets the relevant technical standards and retains the test report, and the issuing authority must have NVLAP/A2LA authorization.The FCC has the right to request the responsible party to submit test data for samples or products of the equipment.Equipment applicable to the declaration of conformity includes household computers and peripherals, civil broadcast receivers, super-regenerative receivers, other receivers of the FCC Rule Part 15, TV interface devices, cable system termination devices and industrial, scientific and medical equipment used by the public consumers of Art 18.

3. Certification: ID certification. Certification is the process by which FCC signs equipment approval based on application and test data.The FCC reviews the sample (or photo) and test data submitted by the applicant and authorizes the equipment with a FCC ID number if it meets the requirements of the FCC rules.Equipment suitable for certification includes low-power transmitters such as cordless telephones, remote controls for automatic doors, radio remote toys and safety alarm systems, and devices that deliberately transmit radio frequency energy from Part 15, Part18 Industrial, scientific and medical equipment used by mass consumers, automatic frequency conversion receivers and super-regenerative receivers, TV interface devices, and home computers and their peripherals.The responsible party shall have the FCC ID mark on the equipment.

III. Major FCC Standards

As follows, FCC PART 15 and PART 18 are the most widely used:

Scope of application of FCC standard

FCC PART15 C/E/F Intentional Radiation Device Test

FCC PART 18 Industrial, Scientific and Medical Equipment

FCC PART 22 Public Mobile Communication Service

FCC PART 24 Personal Communication Service

FCC PART 25 Satellite Communications Service

FCC PART 27 Other FCC Wireless Communication Services

FCC PART 68 Telecom Terminal Equipment

FCC Part 15 provides for intentional, unintentional or instantaneous launching equipment that does not require a personal license in use.It includes technical specifications, administrative requirements and other market access conditions.There are four main categories of products: unintentional transmitter, intentional transmitter, unlicensed personal communication equipment, and unlicensed National Basic Information equipment.

FCC Part 18 specifies the electromagnetic energy emitted by industrial, scientific and medical equipment (ISM) operating on a spectrum to avoid harmful interference with authorized wireless communications services.

IV. Specific steps for client to entrust application for FCC certification:

1. Application form submitted by customers (blank application form provided by our company);

2. Customer and our company sign commissioned inspection contract;

3. Sample delivery and inspection, and preparation of electrical schematic diagram, external/internal photos, oscillator circuit block diagram, user manual nameplate identification, operating principle description, etc. (depending on the product);

4. After passing the test, if it is FCC VOC certification, our company will issue the certification and report directly. If it is FCC DOC or ID certification, our company will submit the application data to the certification authority authorized by FCC.

5. After the enterprise has obtained the FCC certification, it can use the FCC mark on the products.

Note: The following information list and requirements are required for FCC ID certification:

1) FCC application form: the application company name, address, contact information, product name and model, use standard and other information requirements are accurate;

2) FCC authorization letter: the signature and stamp of the contact person of the applicant company shall be scanned into an electronic file;

3) FCC Confidentiality Letter: Confidentiality Letter is an agreement signed between the applicant company and TCB organization to keep product information confidential, which shall be signed and stamped by the contact person of the applicant company and scanned into electronic files;

4) Block diagram: All crystal oscillations and crystal frequency need to be drawn and consistent with the circuit diagram;

5) Circuit diagram: It must be consistent with crystal oscillation frequency, number and position in block diagram;

6) Line description: English is required to clearly describe the functional realization principle of the product;

7) Instructions for use: FCC warnings are required;

8) Label and Label Location: Label shall have FCC ID number and Statement, and the position of the label shall be prominent;

9) Product exterior and exterior photography: Require the picture to be clear and clear, add notes if necessary;

10) Test report: Require the test to be completed and evaluate the product in all directions according to the standard terms;

V. Scope of FCC Certified Products

1. Power FCC certification: communication power supply, switching power supply, charger, display power supply, LED power supply, LCD power supply, uninterruptible power supply UPS, etc.

2. FCC certification of lighting: Pendant lamp, track lamp, courtyard lamp, portable lamp, barrel lamp, LED street lamp, lamp string, desk lamp, LED spotlight, LED bulb lamp, grid lamp, aquarium lamp, street lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, energy-saving lamp, T8 lamp tube, etc.

3. FCC certification of household appliances: fan, kettle, audio, TV, mouse, vacuum cleaner, etc.

4. Electronic FCC certification: earplug, router, cell phone battery, laser pen, vibration bar, etc.

5. FCC certification of communication products: telephone, wired telephone, wireless host and auxiliary, fax, telephone answering machine, data machine, data interface card and other communication products.

6. FCC certification of wireless products: Bluetooth BT product, tablet computer, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless reader, wireless transceiver, wireless walkie-talkie, wireless microphone, remote control, wireless network device, wireless image transmission system and other low-power wireless products, etc.

7. FCC certification of wireless communication products: 2G mobile phone, 3G mobile phone, 3.5G mobile phone, DECT mobile phone (1.8G, 1.9G frequency), wireless walkie-talkie, etc.

8. Mechanical FCC Certification: Gasoline Engine, Electric Welder, CNC Drill, Tool Grinder, Mower, Washing Equipment, Bulldozer, Lift, Puncher, dishwasher, Water Treatment Equipment, Gasoline Welder, Printing Machinery, Woodworking Machinery, Rotary Excavator, Mower, Snow Sweeper, Excavator, Printer, Cutter, Road Roller, Flattener, Irrigator, Straight Hair, food machinery, lawn machines, etc.

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