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CE certification

2021-04-06 20:56:21
CE certification

CE certification

"CE" mark is a kind of safety certification mark, which is regarded as the passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. CE stands for European unity. All products with "CE" logo can be sold in EU member states without meeting the requirements of each member state, thus realizing the free circulation of goods within the scope of EU Member States. In short, CE certification is a compulsory certification for products to enter the European market.

1、 Introduction to CE certification

V is abbreviated from French "commune europene", which means the European community. The European Community later evolved into the European Union (EU).

2、 The significance of CE mark

The significance of CE mark is: using CE abbreviations as symbols to indicate that the products with CE mark comply with the essential requirements of relevant European directives, and to confirm that the products have passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures and / or the manufacturer's declaration of conformity, which really becomes the pass for the products to be allowed to enter the EC market.

he industrial products with CE mark required by the relevant directive shall not be put on the market without CE mark. If the products with CE mark are found not to meet the safety requirements, they shall be ordered to withdraw from the market. If they continue to violate the relevant provisions of the directive, they will be restricted or prohibited from entering the EU market or forced to withdraw from the market. CE mark is not a quality mark, it is a mark that represents that the product has complied with European standards and directives on safety / health / environmental protection / hygiene. All products sold in the EU should be marked with CE mark.CE,

4、 Benefits of applying for CE certification

5、 Information should be prepared for CE certification. 1. EU laws, regulations and harmonized standards are not only numerous, but also complex in content. Therefore, it is a wise move to obtain the help of EU designated institutions, which can save time, effort and reduce risks;

2. Obtaining the CE certification from the EU designated organization can gain the trust of consumers and market supervision organizations to a large extent;

3. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of irresponsible accusations;

4. In the face of litigation, the CE certificate of the EU designated organization will become the technical evidence with legal effect.

5、 Preparation of information for CE certification

1. Name and address of manufacturer (EU authorized representative (EU authorized agent) AR), name and model of product, etc;

2. Product instructions;

3. Safety design documents (including key structural drawings, i.e. design drawings reflecting creepage distance, gap, number and thickness of insulation layers);

4. Product technical conditions (or enterprise standards), establish technical data;

5. Product electrical schematic diagram, block diagram and circuit diagram, etc;

6. List of key components or raw materials (please select products with European certification mark);

7. Testing report;

8. Relevant certificates issued by EU authorized certification body Nb (for modes other than mode a);

9. The registration certificate of the product in the EU (for some products, such as class I medical devices, general IVD in vitro diagnostic medical devices);

10. CE declaration of conformity (DOC).

6、 Product range of CE certification

1. CE certification of power supply: communication power supply, switching power supply, charger, display power supply, LED power supply, LCD power supply, UPS, etc;

2. CE certification of lamps and lanterns: chandelier, track lamp, courtyard lamp, portable lamp, downlight, LED street lamp, lamp string, table lamp, LED spotlight, LED bulb lamp, grille lamp, aquarium lamp, street lamp, LED tube, LED lamp, energy saving lamp, T8 tube, etc;

3. CE certification of home appliances: fan, electric kettle, audio, TV, mouse, vacuum cleaner, etc;

4. Electronic CE certification: earplug, router, mobile phone battery, laser pen, vibrator, etc;

5. CE certification of communication products: telephone, wired telephone, wireless main and auxiliary machine, fax machine, telephone answering machine, data machine, data interface card and other communication products.

6. CE certification of wireless products: Bluetooth BT products, tablet computers, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless readers, wireless transceivers, wireless walkie talkies, wireless microphones, remote controls, wireless network devices, wireless image transmission systems and other low-power wireless products;

7. CE certification of wireless communication products: 2G mobile phone, 3G mobile phone, 3.5G mobile phone, DECT mobile phone (1.8g, 1.9g band), wireless walkie talkie, etc;

8. Machinery CE certification: gasoline engine, electric welding machine, CNC drilling machine, tool grinder, lawn mower, washing equipment, bulldozer, elevator, drilling machine, dishwasher, water treatment equipment, gasoline engine welding machine, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, rotary drilling machine, lawn mower, snow sweeper, digging machine, printing machine, printer, cutting machine, road roller, trowel, brush cutter, hair straightener Food machinery, lawn machine, etc.

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