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ISO system certification ISO14001 template

2021-04-06 18:45:31
ISO system certification ISO14001 template

ISO14001 environmental management system certification refers to the conformity assessment activities implemented by the third party certification body according to ISO14001 standard. ISO14001 is a standard issued by the international organization for standardization, which is one of the ISO14000 family standards. The standard was first issued in 1996, and was revised by the ISO international organization for Standardization in 2004. The new version is iso14001-2015.

ISO14001 certification is applicable to any organization, including enterprises, institutions and relevant government units. After passing the certification, it can prove that the organization has reached the international level in environmental management, and can ensure that the control of various pollutants in various processes, products and activities of the enterprise meets the relevant requirements, which is helpful for the enterprise to establish a good social image. There are many certification bodies implementing ISO14001 in China, which are determined by the CNCA, and the advisory bodies are determined by the industrial and commercial bureaus.


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