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ISO system certification ISO20000 certification

2021-04-06 18:40:00
ISO system certification ISO20000 certification

ISO 20000 is an organization oriented IT service management standard, which aims to provide a model for the establishment, implementation, operation, monitoring, evaluation, maintenance and improvement of IT service management system (ITSM). The establishment of IT service management system (ITSM) has become an indispensable and important mechanism for various organizations, especially for financial institutions, telecommunications, high-tech industries and so on. ISO 20000 provides IT managers with a reference framework to manage it services, and the perfect it management level can also be demonstrated through certification.

ISO20000 standard focuses on the management of it problems through "it service standardization", that is, classifying it problems, identifying the internal relationship of problems, and then planning, implementing and monitoring according to service level agreement, and emphasizing the communication with customers. The standard also focuses on system capability, management level, financial budget, software control and allocation required by system change.


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