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THIRD-PARTY CMA inspection report

2021-04-02 18:45:20
THIRD-PARTY CMA inspection report

The Third Party inspection organization is also called the impartial inspection, which refers to an object outside the two interrelated subjects, we call it the third party. The third party may be connected with two subjects, or independent of the two subjects. It may be an impartial and authoritative non-party by a third party (such as a full-time supervision and Inspection Agency) who is outside the interests of the sale, commodity inspection activities carried out in accordance with relevant laws, standards or contracts. The existence of Independent third-party testing enterprises has its own special significance, which is not only an effective supplement to government supervision, helps the government to get rid of the "trust crisis" , but also provides support for the industrial transformation and upgrading, for the development of the industry to provide a strong service platform. With the improvement of people's living standard and the aggravation of international trade barrier, the third-party testing industry of our country develops rapidly.


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