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National Inspection Report CNAS CMA CAL

2021-04-02 18:44:44
National Inspection Report CNAS CMA CAL

Survey Report [ Survey Report ] , also known as "goods damage inspection Report" , is an objective written proof issued by the inspection institution after inspecting the damaged goods at the request of the applicant. An Independent Surveyor of credit, authority, and detachment is often appointed in international trade to examine the extent and extent of the damage. Pre-sale quality inspection of products, the company's product quality statistics, is to identify the written proof of product quality standards. It is after the quality of products, equipment testing, is to ensure product quality system standards. Inspection reports refer to the product inspection reports which give the conclusion of the test data and the standard conformity. The sample is self-feeding, so the conclusion is valid only for the sample. 2. Testing is for a batch of products, the use of sampling by count or percentage sampling, therefore, the results of the test is valid for the batch of products. Therefore, the test report only indicates the date of issuance, but not the validity of the report. As long as the design of the product and the raw materials and components used in the product are unchanged, the test results should be valid; Sampling test report for batch products, the report is valid once. The quality watchdog's reference to the validity of the test report could be a question about the consistency of the product with the original test sample or whether the consistency can be maintained over the long term. In fact, it is almost impossible for a product, especially an electrical and electronic product, to remain unchanged for several years, especially for suppliers of raw materials and components. Therefore, in theory there is no validity period of test report, but in practice it is impossible to maintain the validity of test report for a long time for various reasons. Product certification issued on the basis of the test report is valid because product certification involves not only product design, but also enterprise quality management, so once a year supervision, certification is usually valid for four years. The expiration of the certificate means that the test report issued for this certification is no longer valid. Therefore, the existing national and international technical regulations and regulations do not provide for the validity of the test report. IECEE-CB system, an international certification organization, is to regulate the mutual recognition of testing reports by certification bodies of various countries and improve the validity of the reports.


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