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Product test report dust proof and waterproof certificate

2021-04-01 18:53:37
Product test report dust proof and waterproof certificate

Dust proof and waterproof certificate

What is IP testing

IP code is widely used to indicate the strength of waterproof and dustproof performance of electrical equipment. IP is the abbreviation of international protection. The IP code defined in IEC 60529 classifies the degree of protection to prevent foreign substances (including steel ball, copper wire, dust and water) from entering the shell of mechanical and electrical products.

The ratings are divided into two groups:

One group is used for foreign matter and dust (i.e. solid) and the other group is used for liquid (e.g. water). Each rating starts with "IP" to represent entrance protection. A number after "IP" is related to the rating of foreign matter and dust entering.

A number (0 to 6) shows the level of protection the enclosure's entry provides for solid objects (such as tools, wires, hands, fingers or dust)

The second number refers to preventing liquid from entering. When solving either of these two pollutants, the remaining types are marked with X. For example, ip1x belongs to the level 1 of preventing foreign objects and dust from entering, while x indicates that the level of entering liquid is not given. Please note that X does not indicate zero protection.

The second digit (0 to 8) indicates the water inlet of the equipment in the protective enclosure. For example, IP54 indicates that the protection level for solid object entry is 5, and for liquid entry is 4.

One number of IP code indicates the protection level to prevent solid objects from entering

0. No special protection

1. Protect solid objects 50 mm or larger, e.g. accidental contact with hands

2. Prevent solid objects 12.5 mm or larger, such as fingers.

3. Prevent solid objects (tools and wires) of 2.5 mm or larger.

4. Protect solid objects (tools, wires and small wires) 1 mm or larger.

5. Prevent harmful dust from entering.

6. Completely dust proo


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